I like to educate myself

performance, 2010

I like to educate myself presents a composition of actions that bring learning into practice. Different types of learning techniques are explored, such as observing by changing perspective, challenging muscular movement and testing social skills. In a society in which educational systems are highly appreciated, I want to point out the value of life itself as an educational substitute.

From a plastic bag I take out a flower and from my back pocket a pen. I tosh a coin and grab the pen and hold it above my head. I open the pen and try to place the cap back without watching it. I use the pen to draw the borders of my socks. I watch the flower and do this again by changing perspective using the flowerpot and stand on it. With chewing gum I’m chewing a melody. This gum I stick on the floor and place an egg on it. On both sides of a lace, which I took out of my shoe, I knot loops. I take off my shoe and sock and let my foot hang above the egg by using the lace and my forefinger. With a lighter I burn the lace that causes the dropping of my foot. With my blouse I transfer water from one glass to the other. I drink the transferred water with open mouth. I try to catch thrown paper in the air. I imitate the person in front of me. I give the observed flower to someone. I knock on the wooden floor. I’m eating an apple without moving the apple. With the pen I try to stab a rolling orange. The empty plastic bag I fill with my body.

The performance was part of PAS (performance Art Studies) extension series by BBB Johannes Deimling at Grimmuseum, Berlin.

I like to educate myself from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.
Video by Christopher Hewitt, Liveartwork DVD

Photo’s by Matthias Pick

PAS Extension, Grimmuseum, July 16, 2010, Berlin, DE