when shut up

performance, 2008

In collaboration with Carlos González

In this project González and Trinks are dealing with communication difficulties in the setting of everyday situations. The structure of the project was partly improvised and partly based on a scenario with a set script. Two people hanging out like friends, buying things, drinking coffee, strolling and going to appointments. The project started the day the two participants met each other in Barcelona for the first time.

The communication between them was divided in four parts.

It began with one person being unable to use their voice and instead using writing to communicate.

The next day both persons were unable to use their voices and both used writing to communicate.

On the third day the second person still wasn’t able to use his voice and had to continue to communicate in writing.

On the fourth day, both participants were able to use their voice again. This was the first time they could speak directly to one another.

During this four days process a lot of material was collected – conversation notes, recorded conversations, photos of objects, communication tools – and a video was made. A selection of this material was presented for the first time in Hangar, Centre for Arts Production and Research in Barcelona, April 2008.
The second time the selection was presented during the graduation exhibition in Kruithuis in Breda, July 2008.

Video documentation of one day

when shut up from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.