performance, 2013


The ‘stacking’ takes place between 8 and 9 p.m.  It starts with an empty space.  8 p.m. the stackers bring in their items, choosing their own spot near a light.  The stacking starts when the stackers gathered all their items.  The stackers reduce their activities only to stacking and if necessary un-stacking.  When the stack falls the stacker starts over again.  When the stack touches the ceiling, the stacker un-stacks and re-stacks.  The stacker can use a chair or a ladder when the stack is getting too high. When the time comes closer to the end, each stacker starts in its own time to take away her/his items so that the space is empty at 9 p.m.  ‘stacking’ is developed during my artist-in-residence at the Living Arts of Tulsa USA, March 2013.  Thanks to all the stackers and the Living Arts team.

Clothes Stacker – Katrina Morrison
Paper Cup Stacker – Cheyenne Butcher
Food Tray Stacker – Sandy Sober
Apple Stacker – Ieke Trinks
VHS Tape Stacker – Peter Tomshany
Penny Stacker – Bernard Roddy
Book Stacker – Thomas Pasley
Sugar Cube Stacker – Lindsey Allgood
Bill Stacker – Yiren Gallagher
Cardboard Box with Newspapers Stacker – Mitch Gilliam