performance, 2008


During the opening in the setting of a real exhibition (in this case located in a car park) a guided audio tour is offered.  The silent guide leads the people through the exhibition space.  People get the opportunity to listen to the sound of the works, space, present people, tinkling glass and site-specific sound.  The structure of the work is partly built up with setup situations.  For the car park setting a couple of motorists are pre-instructed to do certain car operations that sounds natural in the space.  Part of the group is a sound woman who looks like she is recording the sound of the tour.  In real another person is inconspicuously documenting the actual tour with binaural microphones.  These recordings can be listened on a portable audio-set with headphones during the other days in the exhibition.  ‘Audiotour’ was part of the exhibition ‘Surreal’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 2008.  With special thanks to Janita Böker for being the silent guide, Kroko Schilte to conduct the car sounds and the car/motor owners to play their vehicle instrument.