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performance and exhibition, 2011

‘To All Tomorrows Parties’ was an exhibition in TENTfocusing on the interfaces between performance, theatre, dance, fashion and sculpture. Five artists, four choreographers and a fashion designer turn away from a more object-oriented art form and express themselves in theatre-like performances, physical sculptures and cross-border activities. Using attributes and arrangements that refer to theatre, pop music and total-installations, nearly all reject the idea that when a work of art is finished, it can no longer change. During the exhibition the works will be performed, rehearsed, altered, completed. Coincidence, the absurd and preposterous form the point of departure in a quest for alternatives in order to shake off the hard reality and begin to move. Compiled by choreographer/performer Bruno Listopad and Mariette Dölle (TENT).

The performances by artist Ieke Trinks are far from theatrical and might rather be termed interventions that differ very slightly from what we regard as commonplace. In TENT there are nine tables on which she performs the same simple action each week, which are nonetheless always slightly different.