TRICKSTER has been a performance collective since 2008. Our public performances, which are mainly of improvisation, are developed during a period of intensive collaboration. During these periods we create a common language by means of play and implement this in the performance. How the final performance will look is never determined in advance. Our performances are often a combination of sound, physical action, and use of objects and text. To me Trickster is a place for experimentation and crossing borders, getting outside of a “comfort zone”.

The members of the collective are: Mariëlle Verdijk, Nathalie Smoor, Barbara Ellison, Nina Boas and ieke Trinks

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TRICKSTER performance 'Het Parasitair Event', Festival Witte de Withkwartier, 2012, Rotterdam, NL

TRICKSTER performance ‘Het Parasitair Event’, Festival Witte de Withkwartier, 2012, Rotterdam, NL