Call for Participants

performance and participation, 2014

with Bernard Roddy


Call for Participants is developed and performed during the Playful Arts Festival in Den Bosch, the Netherlands from June 16 till 21, 2014.  Call for Participants is created after several experiences of participants involvement in performances.  The question here is who the participants are, and where to find them?  We wanted to have other people who usually aren’t involved in art to perform our four conducted performances.  We are interested in the conversation with non-artists that ieke has when she is looking for participants.  From there we began to think about the use of various media such as posters, newspaper advertising, and flyers.  We also edited video documentation of the process down to 42 minutes.  Below you can read the PDF of which we made a printed version and more below a short excerpt video of the backwards-walk and pie-cutting performance.



Backwards-Walk and Pie-Cutting from Bernard Roddy on Vimeo.