reconstructing a chair

performance, 2011

reconstructing a chair from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.

This performance is presented at the Acción!MAD in Madrid, Spain, curated by Nieves Correa.  In the large space of the former slaughterhouse Matadero, two chairs are positioned.  I give one chair to an audience member to sit on.  I sit down on the other chair with a bouquet of flowers.  I cut the bouquet of flowers in two comparable pieces and give one to an audience member.  Then I walk with my chair to the wall behind me and lift myself on the chair and stretch my body to write with chalk the word CHAIR as high as possible on the surface of the wall.  Then I saw piece of each leg of this chair and place the parts on the previous chairs position.  Each time the chair gets lower, I write the word CHAIR on the wall and keep splitting up the bouquet of flowers.