Performance Monologues

Performance Monologues is an ongoing collection of audio recordings and live recitations that started in 2016. I visit artists and ask them to describe one of their performances from memory while I record them. The recordings help me to recite the monologues from memory before a live audience. This is often done during an art event, but also in more intimate situations with one or more listeners. I recite the monologues in the first person because they are in the first person when delivered to me.

I started the monologues for a number of reasons. First, I have had experiences of failing to describe my own performances to others in a satisfactory way. Second, I wanted to get to know the performance works of others by hearing about the experience of doing the work. Third, the question of documentation interests me. Fourth, the monologues are a way to explore the relationship between the mediating and mediated subject. And fifth, the way in which a monologue actualizes a performance by means of memory appeals to me.

This 15 minutes video shows several recorded fragments of monologues performed by me.


On Performance Monologues from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.


List of audio recordings:

#01 Ravenous – Joseph Ravens, Chicago
#02 Neighborhood Magic – Carron Little, Chicago
#03 Background Material – Michal Samama, Tel Aviv
#04 Don’t sleep there is a war going on – Mothergirl (Katy Albert & Sophia Hamilton), Chicago
#05 In the absence of a body – Díaz-Lewis (Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Parara & Cara Megan Lewis), Chicago
#06 Being Human Being – Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Copenhagen
#07 Future View – Denis Romanovski, Gothenburg
#08 Reading Aloud of Primo Levi’s If This is a Man to One of the Trees in Slottskogen – Elin Wikström, Gothenburg
#09 Screw – Toine Horvers, Rotterdam
#10 To Look And Be Looked At – Anet van de Elzen, Amsterdam
#11 Choreographed by the other – Nina Glockner, Amsterdam
#12 Please don’t touch, I’ll come and fix this as soon as possible – Frans van Lent, Dordrecht
#13 Bluebell Wood Children‘s Hospice – Yingmei Duan, Braunschweig
#14 Prologue to 300 – Florian Feigl, Berlin
#15 Chews – Örn Alexander Ámundason, Reykjavík
#16 Le requiem d’un fou (the requiem of a crazy man) – Christian Etongo, Cameroon
#17 Confrontation – Odun Orimolade, Lagos
#18 Aragamago (Will Rid this Land of Terrorism) – Jelili Atiku, Lagos
#19 Stations of Nameless Energy – Peter Baren, Amsterdam
#20 Comfortable – Marco Paulo Rolla, Belo Horizonte
#21 Una bendición de oro – Vela Oma, Boston
#22 Confidence in Objects – Alice Vogler, Boston
#23 Cyclic Tales – Alba Soto, Madrid
#24 Interior Kinesis – José Perez Santiago, Chicago
#25 Vanitas vanitatum – Carlos Salazar Lermont, Caracas / Chicago
#26 This side up! – Bob Lens, The Hague
#27 untitled – Julischka Stengele, Vienna
#28 Invisibility cloak prototype 1 – David Frankovich, Helsinki / Toronto
#29 (T)here – Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Stockholm
#30 Sacramento – Inari Virmakoski, Helsinki
#31 The Meaning of Life – Irina Danilova, New York City
#32 Tipper Gore – Martha Wilson, New York City
#33 Ritournelle – Anaïs Heraud-Louisadat, Berlin
#34 Age (skin color) – Anja Ibsch, Berlin
#35 Spiegel Geschichte – Karla Woisnitza, Berlin
#36 Alias, oder die Kunst der Fuge – Else Gabriel, Berlin
#37 The Burial – Nathalie Mba Bikoro, Berlin
#38 The Sun Shone, Having no Alternative, on the Nothing New – Mathias Kristersson, Malmö
#39 Zonkels Canon: The Santa Army – Henrik Vestergaard, Copenhagen
#40 Sinnesentzug, Heiner Holtappels, The Hague
#41 Sniffer’s State, State of Sniffers – Kaur Chimuk, Calcutta
#42 Bell Piece – Jürgen Fritz, Hanau
#43 Peruchito – Felipe del Aguila, Lima
#44 The Piper – Gabriel Bohm Calles, Malmö
#45 Orsoq II – Jessie Kleemann, Copenhagen
#46 Wæflian Auld Stories – Sara Hamming, Copenhagen
#47 Farewell – Martín Rentería, Mexico City
#48 W/B – Kathrin Wolkowicz, Rotterdam
#49 Non Repeating Loop – Monali Meher, Ghent
#50 Interpersonal Distance – Jolanda Jansen, The Hague
#51 Peeneewally – Marcelle van Bemmel, Rotterdam
#52 My Mothers Paintings – Nina Boas, Amsterdam
#53 Kooi (Cage) – Lydia Schouten, Amsterdam
#54 Profit – Topp & Dubio, The Hague
#55 Endurance – Rose Akras, Amsterdam
#56 Blue Creates The Open Space – Marieke Coppens, Amsterdam
#57 All For Art – Jessica van Deursen, Rotterdam
#58 Reverse – Kim de Weijer, Eindhoven