One Performance is Many Performances


In an ongoing work, Performance Monologues, I ask performance artists to describe one of their performances for audio recording. I then perform the spoken lines of a selected recording in a live monologue for a new audience in a location selected for the particular monologue.

In March I will perform the monologues listed below. The final presentation of the exam project will take place on March 30, at 7 p.m. in Nikolaj Kunsthal. It will include a monologue based on a work by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, to be followed by Rasmussen’s own recounting of the performance. I will then discuss the project as a whole.


Locations, Times and Reservations:


Tuesday, March 28

➤  #31 The Meaning of Life – Irina Danilova

While you are getting a haircut in a hair salon in Malmö I could recite Danilova’s monologue for you. Send me an email, preferably a week prior to the 28th: Together we can make an appointment at the hairdresser of your choice.

➤  #10 To Look and be Looked at – Anet van de Elzen

Make an appointment to visit me at my home in Malmö and I will recite van de Elzen’s monologue. To make a reservation send me an email at least a week prior to the 28th:


Wednesday, March 29

➤  #30 Sacrament – Inari Virmakoski

Between 11:00 and 13:00 I will be at the bakery Sankt Knuts located at S:t Knuts torg 6 in Malmö. Stop by for a coffee and pastry and I will sit down at your table to recite Virmakoski’s monologue.

➤  #27 Untitled – Julischka Stengele

While serving as a model for a live drawing session in ABF Malmö I will recite Stengele’s monologue. Sign up to attend either the 15:30 – 17:15 or the 17:45 – 19:30 session. Send me an email to for further details about signing up. A model drawing session costs 130kr.


Thursday, March 30

➤  #17 Confrontation – Odun Orimolade

At 16:16 the train to Copenhagen Airport departs from Triangeln Station in Malmö. On that train I will recite Orimolade’s monologue about curing a phobia. Attendance just requires that you pass through the cars until you see me.

➤  #6 Being Human Being – Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

At 19:00 in Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nikolaj Plads 10, in Copenhagen, Rasmussen’s monologue will be recited by both me and then Rasmussen herself. The monologue concerns a performance that once took place at that very location. Our recitations will be followed by my reflections on this whole project.