instructions #4

performance, 2012


FLAM is a Forum of Live Art run by Rose Akras and Dirk Jan Jager.  Each year they organize a whole week of performance art at Arti et Amiciae in Amsterdam.  During FLAM 3 I performance the fourth and fifth version of ‘multiple (un)related causes’.  The action I perform here are similar to actions out of everyday life routines, such as: walking, sitting, moving objects, peeling a banana, pouring a drink, offering food and drinks, shaping paper balls, throwing paper balls, etc.  The materials I use are: chair, bag with bananas, bottle of water, bottle of vodka, plastic cups, red basket and a stack of paper.  The objects that I set-up in the space are used in a continuous loop of actions.  When I start the performance I speak to the audience, saying a range of actions with the objects and record this in the same time with an audio voice recorder.  After this I play the recording for 30 minutes in a loop on a speaker-set, audible in the space.  The spoken actions are my instructions to be performed instantly by me.  The title of the work ‘multiple (un)related causes’ is the will to connect situations and things, even though they seem to be randomly chosen.  Although there is continuously repetition of the actions, they always turn out differently. Another element in this performance is time and timing; imagine an action and speak it out and compare this which the duration of actually doing the action.  The fifth version was without a planned end time and continued as long as possible until Dirk Jan Jager walked to me and whispered in my ear that they had to leave the building to lock the doors because the event was over.