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performance, 2013      After I had throw a whole bucket of water over myself, I saw myself standing, and waiting to get dry.  BLOW is performed three times, by me, and I always worked with the venue’s available conditions, which unwrapped each performance slightly differently.    BLOW #1: Triple Performance Art Event, outLINE, July […]

110 seconden

sound recording, 2013 The sound recording consists of 110 people counting down in 110 seconds.  The audio recording was specially made for Radio Voicemail, a project by Floris Visser.  Each week an artist is invited to fill the one-minute and fifty seconds voice-mail, that can be listen at dialing the number of Radio Voicemail.  I […]

Dagboek Eten & Drinken / Eat & Drink Diary

  photo and video archive, 2009 – 2012 with Gabriëlle Barros Martins   During 3 years Gabriëlle and Ieke photographed everything they ate and drank.  The act of photographing combined with capturing the sounds became a ritual part of their everyday lives.  Dagboek Eten & Drinken shows the artist’s fascination with everyday life and the […]


sing, sync, sink #2

performance, 2013 In an empty lighted space a sound recording device connected to a microphone-stand is waiting.  I position several objects, starting with a large cardboard box and one by one I take other objects out of the same box: a bucket of water, a bottle of water and a glass.  I turn on the […]

“Can you still hear my voice?”

performance, 2013 with Bernard Roddy   “Can you still hear my voice?” was created for the use of Skype and performed by Bernard Roddy and ieke trinks on February 2, 2013 during the ‘fission:fusion’ performance art event curated by Lindsey Allgood at the Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA.     Read Bernards’ perspective

Step by Step

performance, 2013 with Andres Galeano Want to know how to do, well…just about anything? Ask Google. In Step by Step, Andrés Galeano and ieke trinks spontaneously create a performance score in front of a live audience using seemingly random pieces of instructional information researched on the internet. Using the cut and paste function of their […]

ausstellung abwesende objekte

participation-exhibition, 2012 Ausstellung Abwesende Objekte (exhibition absent objects) is the title of the work which I developed during my four weeks of residence in the Wasserturm. The Wasserturm (water tower) is in the small town Geldern near the Dutch border and part of the district Northrhein-Westfalen. The residency includes a grand and is initiated and […]

instructions #6

performance, 2012 Curated by Rose Akras, Dirk Jan Jager (organizers of FLAM: Forum of Live Art) and Marcos Gallon from Galeria Vermelho, I was invited to take part in the 8 edition of Verbo in Sao Paulo Brazil.  Each year FLAM and Galeria Vermelho have an exchange with Brazilian and Dutch performance artists. The materials […]

one thing after another #1

performance, 2012 At Galeria Ecarta in Porto Alegre, Brazil I performed without bringing my own materials.  Instead I asked audience members to let me hold there bag for a moment.  Then I asked the person from whom I was holding the last bag if I could open it and have a look inside.  From there […]