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performance, 2013 papier #3 from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.   ‘papier’ is performed during ‘Precious Treasure‘, a performance art event organized by Jolijn de Wolf & Liesje van den Berk happening at outLINE, Amsterdam, 2013.  The event included performances by Ronald Bal, Jolanda Janssen, Sabine Oosterlynck, Liesje van den Berk & Jolijn de Wolf and […]


performance, 2013 with Bernard Roddy   meetings is performed in Out of Site, a series of ten unexpected encounters of performance in public spaces in Wicker Park and Bucktown, Chicago, curated and organized by Carron Little.  meetings is a proposal for seven actions in public space.  Each meeting is focusing on a different aspect of […]


performance, 2013      After I had throw a whole bucket of water over myself, I saw myself standing, and waiting to get dry.  BLOW is performed three times, by me, and I always worked with the venue’s available conditions, which unwrapped each performance slightly differently.    BLOW #1: Triple Performance Art Event, outLINE, July […]

110 seconden

sound recording, 2013 The sound recording consists of 110 people counting down in 110 seconds.  The audio recording was specially made for Radio Voicemail, a project by Floris Visser.  Each week an artist is invited to fill the one-minute and fifty seconds voice-mail, that can be listen at dialing the number of Radio Voicemail.  I […]

Dagboek Eten & Drinken / Eat & Drink Diary

  photo and video archive, 2009 – 2012 with Gabriëlle Barros Martins   During 3 years Gabriëlle and Ieke photographed everything they ate and drank.  The act of photographing combined with capturing the sounds became a ritual part of their everyday lives.  Dagboek Eten & Drinken shows the artist’s fascination with everyday life and the […]



performance, 2013 The ‘stacking’ takes place between 8 and 9 p.m.  It starts with an empty space.  8 p.m. the stackers bring in their items, choosing their own spot near a light.  The stacking starts when the stackers gathered all their items.  The stackers reduce their activities only to stacking and if necessary un-stacking.  When […]

scheuren & stapelen

video-performance, 2013 with Bernard Roddy   This video-performance was developed during a week of experimentation in the Lab space of the Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA.  The video’s are played simultaneously on two separate monitors at the Living Arts of Tulsa and for one week in the show case of De Aanschouw in Rotterdam, […]

sing, sync, sink #2

performance, 2013 In an empty lighted space a sound recording device connected to a microphone-stand is waiting.  I position several objects, starting with a large cardboard box and one by one I take other objects out of the same box: a bucket of water, a bottle of water and a glass.  I turn on the […]

“Can you still hear my voice?”

performance, 2013 with Bernard Roddy   “Can you still hear my voice?” was created for the use of Skype and performed by Bernard Roddy and ieke trinks on February 2, 2013 during the ‘fission:fusion’ performance art event curated by Lindsey Allgood at the Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA.     Read Bernards’ perspective