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Performance Monologues

Performance Monologues is an ongoing collection of audio recordings and live recitations that started in 2016. I visit artists and ask them to describe one of their performances from memory while I record them. The recordings help me to recite the monologues from memory before a live audience. This is often done during an art […]

One Performance is Many Performances

FINAL EXAM PROJECT FOR THE MFA IN CRITICAL & PEDAGOGICAL STUDIES, MALMO ART ACADEMY In an ongoing work, Performance Monologues, I ask performance artists to describe one of their performances for audio recording. I then perform the spoken lines of a selected recording in a live monologue for a new audience in a location selected […]

Value Products

  This work consists of 3 parts: collecting small manufactured items from the street naming, valuing and labeling the materials selling the products on a market I never really understood how making and selling art could be united. How can someone who makes art also be interested in selling it? Now, however, because I have […]


TRICKSTER has been a performance collective since 2008. Our public performances, which are mainly of improvisation, are developed during a period of intensive collaboration. During these periods we create a common language by means of play and implement this in the performance. How the final performance will look is never determined in advance. Our performances […]


PAE stands for Performance Art Event, an artist run initiative for presenting all kinds of performance art. Motivated by a lack of presentation places for performance art in Rotterdam and the Netherlands, PAE was established in 2008 by artists Nina Boas and Martijn Stellinga. In 2010 I was asked to help out and through my […]

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call for participants in 5 colors

Call for Participants

performance and participation, 2014 with Bernard Roddy   Call for Participants is developed and performed during the Playful Arts Festival in Den Bosch, the Netherlands from June 16 till 21, 2014.  Call for Participants is created after several experiences of participants involvement in performances.  The question here is who the participants are, and where to […]


performance, 2013 papier #3 from Ieke Trinks on Vimeo.   ‘papier’ is performed during ‘Precious Treasure‘, a performance art event organized by Jolijn de Wolf & Liesje van den Berk happening at outLINE, Amsterdam, 2013.  The event included performances by Ronald Bal, Jolanda Janssen, Sabine Oosterlynck, Liesje van den Berk & Jolijn de Wolf and […]