March 14 & 15, 19:00 - 23:00 
Het Binnenhuis, a performance in situ by Frans van Lent in collaboration with Ism projects. I participate as performer. Both evenings start at 19:00 and last till 23:00.  Address: Westeinde 31a, The Hague, NL. Go to link for more info. 
March 29, 18:00 
EI, STEEN, HUIS, collaborative performance with sabine oosterlynck (so). It will be the start of so's residency period at the Experimental Intermedia Gent (EI) where she will look back on her period between 2000 and 2007 living in this neighborhood Muide in Ghent. In our performance I will respond to so's collected artifacts and other stored documents. Organized by P/ROPS. Address: EI Huis, Sassekaai 45, Ghent, Belgium. Go to link for more info. 
April 5 & 7 
Value Products at Supermarket 2019 Independent Art Fair Stockholm, at the Talks & Performance program. Address Sickla Front, Uddvägen 7, Stockholm, Sweden. On April 5 from 14:00 till 17:30 and on April 7 from 12:00 till 18:00. Travel supported by CBK R'dam (The Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam) Go to link for more info. 
April 13 16:00 (start 16:30) 
I Enter A Room (Performance Monologues), at Gil & Moti's Home Gallery, at South Explorer. Since 2016, I have been collecting audio recordings from artists who talk about one of their performances from memory. I have memorized a number of these spoken texts and recited them in performances to new audiences. For my research into performance art in the Netherlands, I have compiled a series of concise descriptions based on the audio recordings of performances that took place in the Netherlands from 1976 onwards. The performances that my text will be addressing are by artists: Heiner Holtappels, Lydia Schouten, Toine Horvers, Peter Baren, Marco Paulo Rolla, Monali Meher, Jessie Kleemann, Kim de Weijer, Topp & Dubio, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Jolanda Jansen, Bob Lens, Frans van Lent, Anet van de Elzen, and Nina Glockner. Address: Zuidhoek 276B, Rotterdam, NL. Duration 4o minutes. Go to link for more info. 
April 17 
I Enter A Room (Performance Monologues) in the exhibition How Do We Speak curated by Sarie Nijboer at GfZK (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst) in Leipzig, Germany. Address: Karl–Tauchnitz-Straße 9–11, D-04107 Leipzig, Germany. More info soon . . 
Whose Museum, at Krets Galleri, Value Products, address: Kristianstadsgatan 16, Malmö, Sweden More info will follow soon . . . 
October 4 - 6
Breathing Matters, performances in the public spaces of Tilburg. Curated by Anet van de Elzen and Rob Moonen. More info soon 
Still working on 2019: 
Performance Art in the Netherlands 
Commissioned by Le Lieu and Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance de Québec (RIAP) in Quebec City. For the project Art Action 1998-2018 I will write about the last 20 years of performance art activities in the Netherlands. Supported by CBK R'dam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) 
Performance Monologues 
Alongside the writing for Art Action 1998-2018 I further develop the monologues project. Link to Performance Monologues
New website 
Building a new website. Design will be done by Giacomo Boffo, and text editing by Bernard Roddy.