June 15: 5-9 pm 
Trail of Trashure, performance at Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly, day 2, in_visible: In Situ Performances in Bridgeport Chicago, Guerrilla-style. With: Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn | Diana Soria | Carlos Salazar Lermont | ieke Trinks. Follow instagram for times+locations: @DFBRL8R. For full program check out DfbrL8r
Trail of Trashure 
American artist Mierle Laderman Ukules made the sanitation workers of NYC part of her maintenance art. Dutch artist Kirsten Heshusius collected litter for five hours along the water’s edge of a bay in Amsterdam and then threw it all back into the water. Our litter is not only refuse. It is also a sign of our times and says something about how we live. Each piece of litter has gone through many different hands. From the manufacturer to the transporter to the storage worker to the sales person and finally into the hands of the consumer. 
As an artist from the Netherlands, I have travelled to the States numerous times. And I have come to expect to be accused at Customs of wanting to stay in the country to find work. My status in the U.S. is officially that of a tourist. 
For Trail of Trashure I will sweep litter on the streets of Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago. I will start at Halsted orange line station and from there go south to take 35th street to the west to end up in the basement of Zhou B’s art center. 
My route will be both a stroll for the pleasure of it and a walk in search of discarded treasures. I’m only a traveller and a visitor. I don’t work. 
Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) 
Juli 18 - 19: 7 - 9 pm 
PAWS (Performance Art Workshop Sessions), in collaboration with Nina Boas and Kamila Wolszczak. Location: Studio Space at H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 144, Amsterdam. More info soon . . . 
Whose Museum, at Krets Galleri, Value Products, address: Kristianstadsgatan 16, Malmö, Sweden More info will follow soon . . . 
Still working on 2019: 
What Remains, research into performance left-overs of performances programmed at the DFBRL8R from 2010 onwards. 
Performance Art in the Netherlands 
Commissioned by Le Lieu and Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance de Québec (RIAP) in Quebec City. For the project Art Action 1998-2018 I will write about the last 20 years of performance art activities in the Netherlands. Supported by CBK R'dam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) 
Performance Monologues 
Alongside the writing for Art Action 1998-2018 I further develop the monologues project. Link to Performance Monologues
New website 
Building a new website. Design will be done by Giacomo Boffo, and text editing by Bernard Roddy.