April 12, 2018, 7 - 10 pm
Strange Birds, Performance Art Event at the DfbrL8r & 062 Gallery, (Zhou B) 1029 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL. With: Francesco Kiàis [Italy/Greece], ieke Trinks [Netherlands], Colin Roberson [Chicago], and T Sam White [Chicago]. Website.

May 17 (try-out), 19 (premiere), 2018
TRICKSTER opera project
At UBIK/WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 69, Rotterdam (NL). With Nina Boas, Nathalie Smoor, Barbara Ellison, Mariëlle Verdijk, ieke Trinks. More information will follow later. . .

July, 2018
PAE, Echoes of Shamanism
Art Chapel Amsterdam. More information will follow later . . .

November 11, 2018
Art Action 1998 - 2018
Lecture & presentation based on the research 'performance art in the Netherlands 1998 - 2018,' at Le Lieu, Quebec City. More information will follow later. . .

I'm currently working on:

March 2 - April 14th, 2018, Chicago, USA
I put myself on a Self-Supported-Organized-Six-Week-Art-Research-Trip in Chicago. My goal is to get a good amount of sense of what it is to be an artist-citizen in this city. Can I see myself with my current artistic practice and as a foreigner participate in the Chicago artworld? My tactics are that I'm visiting as many as possible Chicago's art events, exhibitions, venues, spaces and initiatives. Also I try to get in touch with artists and such to (despite my shyness) meet up for an informal talk. I keep a journal which I may/may not share. In the first place the journal functions as a report to justify this research trip to myself.

January 22 - May 19, 2018
TRICKSTER opera project
Via several residencies throughout the country the performance collective will be working on different components of opera: score, set, libretto and dramaturgy. The final goal is to create an aural and visual ‘spectacle’ in which the medium opera will be deconstructed and traditional ideas about heroism and storytelling will be challenged. Website

Throughout the whole of 2018
Performance Art in the Netherlands 1998 - 2018
Commissioned by Le Lieu and Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance de Québec (RIAP) in Quebec City. For the project Art Action 1998 - 2018 I will write about the last 20 years of performance art (and related) activities in the Netherlands. Besides that, I'm collecting materials for the archive exhibition that will take place during the conference in fall 2018 Quebec City.

January - July, 2018
PAE, Echoes of Shamanism
PAE is taking up a new approach! Next edition 'Echoes of Shamanism' will focus on Nina Boas current interest and connects to her own artistic practice. The event will be based around the question where performance art intersects with shamanic practices and what shamanic elements can be recognized in artitsic practices. Website

Spring - Summer, 2018
Building a new website. Design will be done by Giacomo Boffo, and text editing by Bernard Roddy. This is supported by Josine de Bruyn Kops Fund, which is part of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund.